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Dan Goff,  BS, MA

Science Department Chairman

Office Location - BldgA, Rm 145

1-828-6810...Ext. 4270 College 
FAX number...837-3266

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that goes like this: "A peasant must stand for a long time on a hillside with his mouth open before a roast duck flies in."
    Forget about roast ducks (gifts, lottery winnings, something for nothing, etc.) flying into your open mouth. The world is competition and struggle. Get your butt out of bed and create your future. Education, discipline and hard work will put roast duck in your mouth.

Academic\Experience\Work Credentials

Aquinas College         Grand Rapids, MI           BS Biology   

North Carolina State University        Raleigh, NC          MA  Food Science and Nutrition

Peace Corp Volunteer
Malaysia  '75-76

USDA Food Inspector

Nutrition Coordinator
Denver Head Start

Nutrition Education and Training Coordinator - Colorado Dept of Education


Card Shark


Course Syllabi Links

Hea 110 Health and Personal Wellness
Bio 168 Anatomy and Physiology I
Bio 169 Anatomy and Physiology II
Bio 175 General Microbiology

Biology / Science/ Health Sites

Microbiology     Best site!!!  American Society for Microbiology
Microbiology Virtual Library  Best site!!! 
Merlot  online learning materials / (Science) resources  for faculty/students
On-line Biology Book  covers all the topics with links to many others
On-line Interactive Biology  tutorials, quizzes, covers all the topics
Biology Education  Cells and Molecular Biology Resources and Links
National Health Information Center - lists organizations dealing with health related topics.
National Institutes of Health - resources for a wide variety of health issues
NetWellness - University of Cincinnati Medical Center, this site offers a
consumer health library and an "Ask the Expert" feature. 
Centers for Disease Control - wide variety of information on microorganisms and diseases.
Health World Online - Provides 10 categories of health and wellness topics, including mind-body connection, nutrition, and a medical library. 
Earth Times - An international online newspaper devoted to global environmental issues.
Environmental Protection Agency: Students and Teachers - discover more about the environment and how to protect it. 
National Safety Council Environmental Health Center - information on a variety of hazardous chemicals and other environmental issues. 
Museum of Paleontology-  University of California, Berkeley - History of Life
NASA Astrobiology Institute - Life in space.
Reference Desk    An amazingly comprehensive site that links information of all varieties.  A virtual encyclopedia\almanac online.
Intellicast Weather    Yet another weather site!  This one is neat though because not only does it give the ubiquitous 5-day forecast, but includes a radar map as well for our immediate area.