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The TCCC Student Support Center!


What is the Student Support Center?

Tri-County Community College’s Student Support Center [SSC] offers many services to help students succeed in their educational goals. 

All SSC labs and classes strive to maintain a relaxed, supportive atmosphere, a variety of learning-style resources, and a qualified, caring staff. The SSC seeks to enhance students’ college experience by providing the following:

advising related to developmental education and college preparation

guided learning and studying in enriching lab settings 

guided class environments for developmental courses

engaging refresher courses that appreciate the individual adult learner

discipline specific learning strategies for success

 free tutoring and proofreading / guided writing for college papers and projects

 communication skills for college ready ESL students 

activities to enhance reading, critical thinking, reasoning, and expression 

learning tools and resources  for those with special needs

a  “safe place” where students feel comfortable to ask questions and to find answers  

a friendly team of instructors who, collectively, can meet most any learning style  

Where is the Student Support Center?

Currently, there are two SSC Learning Labs within the TCCC Family: 

SSC / Murphy Campus: 
Room 104 / Harper Building
Telephone: 828-835-4224 OR 828-835-4281
Coordinator: Kathryn Lea Temple
Lead Instructor: Julie Hanwell
SSC / Graham County Center: 
Room 14 / Phillips Building
Telephone: 828-479-9256
Coordinator: Dr. Gene Boyer
Lab Instructors [varies]

Each lab has its own staff and its own hours of operation. For more information about labs, classes, schedules, and instructor availability, please contact the SSC nearest you!  



The Student Support Center at Tri-County Community College
provides many windows of opportunity.


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