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Frequently Asked Questions...


Do I need to purchase the textbooks for SSC Courses?

Yes. Textbooks are available from the TCCC Bookstore. ENG & RED textbooks are used as workbooks. You will not
be able to return them to the bookstore.


What if I am unable to purchase the textbooks for SSC Courses?

Please speak with your instructor immediately.


Do you take points away for late assignments?

Assignments will only be accepted according to the dates of the course schedule provided by your instructor(s). Please follow the course schedule closely. Once an assignment set's time has elapsed, the assignments for that set will not be accepted.

Please contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns regarding assignments and course completion.


How will I know if I am missing an assignment? / When will grades be available?

Instructors will maintain a student progress folder for every student enrolled in SSC lab classes. For traditional SSC classes / lectures, instructors maintain a gradebook. Grades are available after the instructor has evaluated the material submitted and after it has been recorded either in the student's personal file or gradebook.



What should I do if I am insulted, offended, or threatened by something or someone during an SSC class or lab? 

SSC classes are college classes, and all participants are expected to behave in a mature, polite, and respectful way. Your instructor will work to maintain a comfortable, learning environment. If the learning environment is not comfortable for you, observe why this is so. What if causing the discomfort? What can be done about? What can you do personally to foster a more comfortable environment? On a scale of one to ten, how serious is your concern about this environment and to your ability to comfortably participate in class or lab?  

If you have serious concerns about the learning environment, speak to your instructor BEFORE or AFTER class. The next step is to speak with your  SSC Coordinator  as soon as possible and explain the situation and / or your feelings. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with your SSC instructor or SSC Coordinator, please contact Linda Howell at (828) 835-4259.



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