English 111 - Essay #1


This essay assignment will give you practice in essay structure and organization. 



Choose one of the following subjects for your essay:




The essay will be graded on the following criteria:

          Structure/organization:      20 points

Content:                          50 points (10 points each for introduction and conclusion; 30 points for body)

Mechanics:                       20 points

Draft workshop:               10 points


Structure/organization focuses on overall essay structure (does the essay have a clear 3-part structure?) as well as the organization of paragraphs and details (are the details placed in the most logical location?).  The content score is based on how well each part of your essay is developed with details, examples, etc.  The mechanics score focuses on proofreading.  Fragments and run-ons count off 3 points each; subject/verb agreement and other sentence structure errors are -2 points each; and spelling and punctuation errors are –1 point each.



Draft:           ___________________________________


Final Draft:   ___________________________________