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  Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service provided by the TCCC Library to assist faculty, staff and students with their research needs. The Library staff will locate and borrow, whenever possible, items that are not owned by the TCCC Library.

The availability of online resources through NCLIVE often makes Interlibrary Loans unnecessary. Whenever possible, TCCC Library will fulfill information needs through online access rather than interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQs

Who can borrow?

TCCC faculty, staff, Board members and currently enrolled students. &   Requests will not be accepted from patrons who have overdue materials and/or owe fines or other charges.

What can I borrow?

Items which can not be located in the TCCC library, netLibrary and/or NCLIVE will be borrowed from another library


&   Audio-Visual materials

&   Books published in the current 12 months

&   Rare or valuable material, including manuscripts

&   Bulky or fragile materials

&   Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace

&   Material to be placed on class reserve

&   No materials will be requested during the last 3 weeks of the semester except for in-library use only

The library staff will determine which patron requests for ILL can be filled according to guidelines.  Every effort will be made to locate items in the TCCC library resources first.

All requests must meet US Copyright Guidelines

How Many Can I  Borrow?

Students - up to 3 ILL items, including photocopies, at any one time. 

TCCC faculty, staff and Board members may borrow as many as needed, when requests do not exceed agreements with lending libraries.

How Do I Borrow?

Fill out one request form for each item requested and submit to Library staff.  Please provide AUTHOR, TITLE  and as much other bibliographic data as possible

How Soon Will I Receive The Item?

7  to  10  days is usually needed to process each requested item. You will be notified if the library is unable to locate the book.

How Do I know When It Has Arrived?

You will be notified by phone or e-mail as soon as the requested item arrives at the library.  Some article photocopies can be e-mailed to you upon arrival.  Items not picked up within five business days will be returned to the lending library

How Long Can I Keep It?

Books 3 weeks due date, unless otherwise specified by the lending library.   &               NO renewal

Photocopies- may be kept permanently by the requester

How Much Does It Cost?

NO Charge for the loan, however the requester is responsible for any charges for ILL materials that are overdue, damaged or lost.