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Tri-County Community College

Dr. Carl D. Dockery Library/Media Center


Standards of Conduct

The Library is an academic area where faculty, students and community come for study and research.  All users are expected to respect the needs of others, to adhere the TCCC ‘Standards of Student Conduct’ published in the TCCC General Catalog and Student Handbook and those outlined below.     

   Student academic projects take priority over recreational pursuits.   A quiet study environment is essential.  

R          Beverages and food should be consumed before entering the library to avoid accidents. 

:           Computer users should follow theTCCC Technology Acceptable Use Policy published in the TCCC General Catalog and Student Handbook.

          Conversations should not disturb others.

:           Social, recreational or leisure use of computers is not permitted. 

¯          Observe Copyright laws before copying music, books, magazines, or media.

'         Users are expected to silence cell phones and media players.

r          Children should behave properly and may not be left unattended.

S      Furniture should be treated with respect and is not for lounging or sleeping.

&       Library materials must be checked out before leaving the library and must be returned by the date due or on the request of library staff. 

!         Materials should not be marked, damaged or lost. 

$                 Library users who owe fees for late, lost or damaged materials may not borrow materials, register for class, graduate or obtain transcripts.

Patrons who disturb others with extended conversations, objectionable language, alcohol or substance use, rowdy, lewd or indecent behavior, noise, or displays of pornography or nudity may be asked to leave the library and privileges may be suspended.



Prepared for you by Tri-County Community College Library Staff on Monday, July 17, 2006