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Boolean operators
Boolean operators are linking words used to specify keywords to be included in a search statement.
The most common Boolean operators are:

AND , OR , + , NOT

Operator   Example
AND all the terms you specify must appear in the website Chinese AND dynasty
OR at least one of the terms must appear in the website sugar OR sweetener
NOT one of the terms must NOT appear in the website Chinese NOT restaurant
+ and - Some search engines and databases use the + and - characters instead of Boolean operators to include and exclude terms Chinese + dynasty - restaurant
"   " Quotation marks are use to define an exact phrase to be searched " Chinese dynasty" 

Searching for Electronic Information

Internet search engines, online databases and electronic resources have unique search features to help you combine your keywords and search effectively.   To learn more about these searching tools click on a link below:

Key Words Search Engines

Boolean operators            

limiting searches 

phrase searching


Most search engines and databases include information on how to efficiently search their site.  Take a minute to familiarize yourself with each sites unique search features such as the Google basic

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