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Internet Search Engines

You can locate web sites on your topic by typing keywords into a search engine.

   Remember to explore the search engine's Help  page to help you search efficiently 

To develop effective search strategies click here

Click on a search engine link below to locate websites about your topic

Click to search "Google"

Click to search "Lycos"


    Click to search "Alta Vista"

Ask Momma  Click to search "Momma"

Click to Search DogpileDogpile


Click to search "Yahoo" 


Searching for Electronic Information

Internet search engines, online databases and electronic resources have unique search features to help you combine your keywords and search effectively.   To learn more about these searching tools click on a link below:

Key Words Search Engines

Boolean operators            

limiting searches 

phrase searching


Most search engines and databases include information on how to efficiently search their site.  Take a minute to familiarize yourself with each sites unique search features such as the Google basic

This web page prepared for you by the TCCC Library staff on July 21, 2006