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Scott J. Sherrill

Division Chair, Technical and Vocational Programs
Department: Information Systems
Office Location: McSwain 146
Office Hours For Fall 2005:
Tue 12-1:00, Wed 3-5:00, Friday 10-12
This time may be spent at the Graham Center when needed.
Office Number: (828) 835-4268
FAX Number:    (828) 837-3266
E-Mail Address:  ssherrill@tricountycc.edu

Hope you enjoy your visit          Hope you enjoy your visit        Hope you enjoy your visit

Welcome to my homepage!!  I started my college education at TCCC about 15 years ago and now enjoy being back as a faculty member. Up to December 1999, I was teaching at South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) and living in Charlotte. While I enjoyed SPCC and the city life, I felt compelled to come back home when the opportunity presented itself.  Before teaching at SPCC, I lived in Chapel Hill and taught in the public schools of Chatham County.  I enjoy traveling and spending time on the net.

Since coming to TCCC, we have done a MAJOR overhaul of the Information System Degree.  In short, we have "mapped" numerous national certifications to classes we teach in our degree program.  In so doing, our goal is to provide the student with the information helpful in passing an independent national certification.  The following is a list of curriculum courses and the certifications they are mapped to:

CIS 174--Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)
NET 125, NET 126, NET 225, NET 226--Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
CIS 175--Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
CIS 120--Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS in Excel)
CIS 126--Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS in Power Point)
OST 136 & OST 236 Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS in Word)
CIS 152 & CIS 153 Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS in Access)
NET 110, CIS 130, CIS 215 and CIS 216 (CIS 147 also highly recommended--Windows) CompTIA (A+)
NET 110 is also mapped to the Network + exam, however students going into the CISCO Academy are advised to take that exam after completing the NET 226 (you will have much of this material again during the CISCO classes). Please note, however, you will need NET 110 (should be taken in the first semester) before going into CNA, MCP or CCNA.

In addition we have developed partnerships with leaders in technology and education.  Tri-County Community College is a CISCO Academy, a Novell Education Academic Partner (NEAP), a member of CompTIA, and a Sylvan Prometric Authorized Testing Center.
Yeah, we've made a few changes!!


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