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Community Service Programs provide courses, seminars, and activities that contribute to our community’s overall cultural, civic, and intellectual growth.

Our courses are designed to assist adults in the development of new talents or to upgrade existing art, language, crafting and practical skills. Our Community Service class offerings include painting, genealogy, pottery, ceramics, beading, basket weaving, woodworking, quilting, guitar, piano, photography, basic computer programs, watercolors, writing, and dancing.

To better serve you we offer full-time N.C. residents over the age of 65 to take one community service class free of charge per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).  Following the one free class, seniors may enroll in community service classes for 50% of the registration fee. Of course, seniors will still be required to pay materials and student fees, where applicable. In addition, fee exemptions do not apply to self-supporting classes.