Industrial Training
New & Expanding Industry
This program provides for the training needs of new industries that are moving into the state and also for existing industries undergoing a major expansion which result in the need for additional skilled manpower. In cooperation with the Industrial Services Division of the North Carolina Community College System, Tri-County Community College will design and administer a special program for training the production manpower required by any new or expanding industry that will create new job opportunities for people in our area.

Much of this retraining can be accomplished during the early development of the new plant facility.
Some of the services offered through this program include:
• Selection and training of new company instructors.
• Payment of instructor’s wages to the company for duration of training program.
• Assumption of installation costs of new equipment in temporary training facility.
• Consultation in determining job descriptions.
Interested representatives for new industries may contact Tri-County Community College for additional information.
Focused Industrial Training

Focused Industrial Training’s (FIT) primary purpose is to furnish customized courses designed to meet the particular needs of the company and the occupation. These courses are designed to allow courses to be taught for the industry without concern for the usual constraints (minimum class enrollment, instructor salary, etc.) that regular occupational courses have. The registration fee is $50-$65 (Occupational Extension fee schedule) per student. Fees are set by the NC Legislature and subject to change.

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