Fact Book
This Tri-County Community College Fact Book is provided as a source of current information on the college and its various programs. Please feel free to use this information as a reference to support internal decision making as well as serving as a reference tool for anyone needing information about the college.This publication is compiled and presented by the Office of Planning and Institutional Research. Use of these data is not restricted and no prior approval is required for using the information except to please acknowledge the source document. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy of these data; however, one needs to realize that information can change rapidly.

Questions or suggestions about this Fact Book should be directed to Dr. David Slagle, Vice-President for Planning  and Institutional Research telephone: (828) 835-4236 (direct line with "voice mail".

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Curriculum Programs Continuing Education Programs

Curriculum Student Profile Continuing Education Student Profile

Faculty and Staff Finance and Facilities

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