"Free your mind, and the rest will follow."  Education is one of the keys to life, and joy is one of the keys to education.  This is not to say that every part of your educational experience will be perfect bliss, but, in the final analysis, education should be an adventure filled with joy and excitement.  I have the coolest job in the world because I'm a paid adventurer who gets to share in your journey for a time.

Stephen Wood

English Instructor

English Department Head

College Transfer Division Head

Office: McSwain 115
Office Hours and Schedule: Click here.
Phone: 828-837-6810 ext. 4254 or 828-837-4254
Fax: 828-837-3266
E-mail: swood@tricountycc.edu

Academic Credentials Work Experience
University of Georgia Comparative Literature
Honors Thesis "The Last Resort"
BA 1985
University of Georgia Comparative Literature
MA Thesis "The Reader as Detective"
MA 1987
University of Georgia Comparative Literature
PhD Dissertation "'I Could A Tale Unfold':
The Aesthetics of Horror"

Note: Requires Abode Acrobat Reader
PhD 1995
US Dept. of Agriculture Computer Systems Technician 1985-1987
University of Georgia Graduate Research Assistant 1986-1987
Truett-McConnell College Adjunct Instructor - English 1987-1989
Tri-County Community College Instructor - English 1989-present
Courses Taught Links
ENG 111 - Expository Writing ENG 113 - Literature-Based Research
ENG 114 - Professional Research and Reporting COM 110 - Introduction to Communication
ENG 251 - Western World Literature I ENG 252 - Western World Literature II
DRA 111 - Theater Appreciation ENG 275 - Science Fiction
ENG 261 - World Literature I ENG 262 - World Literature II



The Online Medieval and Classical Library A great source for finding ancient and medieval texts from across the globe, this site includes full text versions of many ancient works not currently in print.
The Neal Boortz Show My favorite cranky old man on the radio, Neal Boortz is an excellent source of political news.
Stephen King The official site of the Master of Horror.
Chaos Manor The web site of science fiction writer Jerry Pournelle, this is one of the best places on the web for information on technology and politics.
Ain't It Cool News One of my favorite sites for movie rumors, gossip, and spoilers, especially for fantasy and SF movies.
The Internet Movie Database The most informative movie and TV site in the universe ... if it's not here, you don't need to know it.
Neil Gaiman
One of the best fantasy authors around today, his journal/web log is always interesting.

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